Arla Foods Ingredients Launches Lacprodan® SoftBar

Friday, September 10th, 2021 | 82 Views

In 2020, HealthFocus® International’s global trend study reported that 55 percent of consumers found it difficult for them to get a protein bar that is both nutritional and satisfying. With the increase in popularity for protein products, manufacturers need to remain competitive by producing bars that are able to be the best of both worlds.

Joe Katterfield, Sales Development Manager, Health & Performance Nutrition, at Arla Foods Ingredients, attests that: “The demand for healthy indulgence is especially apparent in the bar category. Nutritional value, protein content in particular, is more important than ever, but products that don’t deliver an enjoyable consumer experience won’t be purchased a second time—especially when there are so many alternatives available”.

Arla Foods Ingredients’ launch of Lacprodan® SoftBar aims to deliver just that by recreating the taste, texture and functionality of peanut butter, which is most often the go-to ingredient for protein bars and snacks.

However, the issues that commonly arise with the use of soft nut butter is the hardening of the protein bar and the short shelf-life. Understanding these challenges, Arla Foods Ingredients Application & Technology Science Centre was able to formulate the Lacprodan® SoftBar which allows bars to reach up to 37 percent protein content, maintaining a soft texture when mixed with creamy peanut butter. At the same time, manufacturers can proudly claim that their bar has high in protein and fibre* as well as a long shelf-life.

The Lacprodan® SoftBar is flexible for manufacturers to use it as is or in combination with nut butter varieties. Joe Katterfield concluded: “We’re always looking to expand our technological capabilities and we were particularly excited to commission our new bar line. This will further improve the expert support we offer bar manufacturers and reinforce our position as the go-to partner for specialised dairy and whey protein ingredients.”

Why not raise the bar with Arla Foods Ingredients Lacprodan® SoftBar?

Check-out their pilot production line at:–solutions/active-lifestyle/indulgent-protein-bar/

*Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006


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