BASF Joins Dutch Consortium To Collaborate On Personalised Nutrition

Thursday, April 5th, 2018 | 196 Views

Nutrition solutions provider BASF is the latest member to join the Personalised Nutrition & Health consortium founded by the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research and Netherlands-based Wageningen University and Research.

The consortium researches the capabilities needed to enable personalised nutrition and health advice on a large scale. BASF will contribute to the consortium’s research fields with its health ingredients brand, Newtrition, and use its scientific capabilities on optimised micronutrient intake for improvement of health and prevention of diseases along all stages of life. This presents an opportunity for Newtrition to collaborate with partners in the industry to bring personalised solutions to the market.

Dr Raoul Bino, managing director, Agrotechnology & Food Science Groups, Wageningen University and Research, said: “We believe that personalised nutrition can guide people towards healthy behavioural patterns. It has enormous potential for preventing and possibly even curing non-communicable diseases and other lifestyle disorders.”

The consortium takes an integrated approach that involves partners across the value chain working closely together to arrive at tailored, scientifically grounded marketable solutions. Personalised nutrition and health advice helps people make better choices that suit their body’s needs, and social environment.

Over the coming years the consortium aims to place in the hands of its members the technology, knowledge and insights that can guide the development of ground-breaking, personalised products and services. The consortium provides a platform for translating expertise in diagnostics, digital health advice and physical product intervention into products for consumers.