Championing The Cause Of Organic Food Consumption

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 | 669 Views

Singapore’s organic food industry is rapidly growing, and consumers want produce from high quality food sources.

The country’s ministry of health has been combatting the nation’s diabetes epidemic, and healthier food choices are one key way to combat this issue.

The nation’s Health Promotion Board is investing SG$20 million (US$14.7 million) over three years to incentivise food ingredient manufacturers and suppliers to develop products with healthier ingredients and promote its adoption among consumers and businesses. Aligned with the initiative, the nation’s first online organic food distributor and traceability platform—Sproutfore (with the same namesake as the company)—has been launched.

Kenneth Tan, chief executive officer, Sproutfore, said: “We truly hope this will help to inspire the next generation of change makers to connect and lead the continuity of Singapore’s farming industry.”

The online platform enhances communication between farmers, retailers and consumers by increasing the visibility of local farmers, providing consumers an organic and healthy guide, and bringing together organic food suppliers to one place. Health-conscious consumers will be able to find information on the food’s original source with ease, especially with all merchants listed on its website having individual QR codes.

The platform will leverage the use of artificial intelligence that will help link various food sources all over the internet and keep track of consumers’ behaviour. By studying consumers’ trends and how to cater to them better, the company will be able to draw in a bigger pool of clients and merchants through data analytics that will help in optimising supply and demand for various food products.

“As online food-delivery continues to conquer the market, we aim to also hit the online market to bring us closer to our target audience—discerning millennials,” concluded Mr Tan.