Cutting Energy And Operational Costs To Maximise Capabilities In The Cold Chain

Having automated their production lines, many companies are turning to logistics automation to further optimise their complete production and logistics operations, reduce costs, and improve…
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How To Ensure Your Warehouse Is Energy Efficient

Automating warehouses is a good first step for companies looking to maximise energy efficiency. By automating manual warehousing operations, companies can achieve financial and business…
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Cold Chain Logistics

The Role Of Packaging In Cold Chain Logistics

By 2050, the human population is projected to hit 10 billion, putting already overstretched resources at risk. To alleviate such concerns, Miguel Campos of food…


On Top Of Logistics In Only Six Months

SSI Schaefer successfully extended and modernised the intralogistics system of international dairy company, FrieslandCampina, whilst the business was still in operation. The modernisation project resulted…

Cold Chain Logistics

A Smarter Cold Supply Chain For A New Era In Online Grocery Shopping

Digitisation is changing the food supply chain, says Karl Deily, President of Sealed Air Food Care.   When Amazon ventured into the grocery category with…

Cold Chain Logistics

10 Ways ASRS Reduces Costs And Improves Cold Chain Performance

The high costs of land, labour and energy are driving the increased use of space and cost-efficient Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) for the…

Hardware With “Heart”ware - Festo Expands Its Client-Focused RSC ASEAN Logistics Facility In Singapore

Hardware is not Festo management’s only concern—“heart”ware, or serving their clients on-time, in full (OTIF), and taking their needs into account, is at the core…

Cold Chain Logistics

Saving Food With WoolCool

Made of sheep’s wool, WoolCool offers manufacturers an environmentally-friendly alternative polystyrene for insulation in packaging. Peter Brennan of WoolCool speaks more to APFI about this.

Case-Study: Seamlessly Connecting Production & Distribution

Appointed to build and operate a client’s new distribution centre, United States Cold Storage reached out to Swisslog for their innovative automation technologies. By Swisslog

Cold Chain Logistics

‘Green’ Cold Storage In Rural Southeast Asia

The threat of food insecurity in our near future is very real, and it is critical we find a solution to increase food production while…

The 21st Century Warehouse

With an ability to improve operational processes, warehouse management systems are becoming more popular today. Barcodes and RFID especially provide a great deal of advantages…

Cold Chain Logistics

New Smart Labels For The Cold Chain

New cheap and innovative smart labels offer improved means to secure the cold chain, ensuring food stays fresh while helping to reduce wastage. By David…