Unlocking Plant-Based Opportunities In The ‘New Norm’

While consumers are drawn to plant-based proteins for their nutritional benefits, taste and texture also matters for a great eating experience. Contributed by ADM. It’s an exciting time for Asia’s meat alternative industry. In recent years, the region has witnessed an increase in the growth of primarily plant-based meat alternatives…

Into The Food Matrix With ADM

The ADM team understands the delicate process of attaining balance between taste, functionality, nutrition and texture within the food matrix to deliver on-point relevant solutions to customers. The Millennial demographic has been leading the evolution of ‘glocalised’ flavours, resulting in marketing efforts being narrowed to niche markets to create a…

Plant-Based Nutrition Is 2018’s Recipe For Success

With consumers being more health-conscious, more are looking to natural and functional ingredients in their food, such as those from plants. By Sarah Lim, senior marketing manager, Southeast Asia, ADM Wild Flavours & Specialty Ingredients
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