Medical Nutrition—Truly Patient-Led To Support An Ageing Population

Developing medical nutrition beverages is complex and demands a deep understanding of the nutrition needs and sensory preferences of the medically unwell.   Why Is Medical Nutrition Growing In Asia? Life expectancy is quickly growing, with the global population of senior people set to double before 2050 (Mintel GNPD; Frost…

Asia Leads Growth For Organic Food Market

Various research studies show that organic foods have a higher nutrient density than conventional foods. And according to Ecovia Intelligence, the global organic food and drink market is growing by about eight to ten percent per annum. In particular, growth in the Asian market is occurring at a slightly faster…

Asia’s New Corridors For F&B Manufacturing

Asia is already a manufacturing hub, but there are still a number of underutilised areas within ASEAN’s developing countries that manufacturers can take advantage of. By Michelle Cheong

New Insights Into Chocolate Markets

Chocolate is popular among consumers of all ages. What are the current trends of the chocolate market and what should manufacturers know? By Peter DeHasque, Group Chief Executive Officer, Taura Natural Ingredients Chocolate is one of the most exciting in the global food industry. It is hard to think of…

Charting The Food And Drinks Industry In 2017

Beneo Asia Pacific managing director Christian Philippsen brings us through what we can expect of Asia’s food industry in 2017, and highlights the major trends shaping the region’s food sector.
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