Preventing Micro Leaks In Bakery And Confectionery Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Modern leak testing solutions help producers of bakery products prevent even micro leaks and thus, guarantee fresh products to their customers. By Alexander Kampschulte, Head of Marketing & Communications, WITT-Gasetechnik GmbH & Co KG.   Packing under modified atmospheres has established itself as the standard in the food industry. Even…

Great Fillings Create Those Special Chocolate Moments

Consumer tastes may differ, but indulgence and excitement are always at the heart of confectionery favorites—preferably with a healthier, more natural profile. By Marco Oomen, AAK’s Global Business Director for Chocolate & Confectionery Fats. Although chocolate means different things to different people, there are, according to recent surveys*, some points…

Pastries: Global Delicacies Without Borders

Ahead of Asia Pastry Week at Food&Hotel Asia, APFI speaks to the founder and director of the Asian Pastry Cup, Chef Vincent Bourdin, regarding his take on the bakery trends in Asia.    What are some noteworthy bakery and pastry trends in Asia? Asia is inspired by Pastry Chefs and…

Bakery Trends: What’s Baking?

The end of the year is always a good time to review the year’s trends and what can be expected for next year or the coming years. Michael Skriver, director regional, AAK Singapore, talks with APFI on three big trends of the bakery industry.

Pushing Puff Pastry Margarine Performance

If there were ever a competitive sport for margarines, puff pastry margarines would be the elite athletes—powerful, flexible and able to perform almost on command, delivering a top-quality result every time. But keeping up with competition would mean making the most of new practices and technologies. What factors drive these…

Keeping Up With Confectionery Demand

Confectionery has always been popular among consumers and will likely continue to be. How can manufacturers maximise productivity with flexible gummy and jelly processing technology? By Graham Jackson, group solutions manager—confectionery, tna

The Versatile, Adaptable Tweedy Mixer

The range of Tweedy mixers can help all bakery manufacturers improve their production efficiency while saving costs and maintaining safety. By Keith Graham, marketing manager, Baker Perkins
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