Meeting Millennial Demand: Organic Maltodextrin For Infant Nutrition

In recent years, market-savvy consumers have become increasingly aware of food  safety, in addition to being equipped with better technology to obtain information about their diets. This has driven food manufacturers into a position to become transparent about the ingredient lists of their products. In a competitive food industry, the…

Tasty And Clean Label? It’s Possible With Cold Water Swelling Starches

While cold water swelling (CWS) starches are ideal for the baking process, they also meet the burgeoning clean label demand, says Cargill. By Grace Chew. Against the backdrop of the consumer-driven clean label 2.0 movement, the simplicity of CWS starches is ideal. Derived from a natural origin, CWS starches preserve…

Innovating With Health In Mind

Health is the top priority for many consumers today, and it is vital that manufacturers innovate with healthy and natural ingredients to create products that consumers love. By Cargill
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