East And West Cuisine: Driven By Taste And Flavour

With exotic flavours such as curries in the limelight, the vegetarian juggernaut thunders on—according to seasoning experts, RAPS GmbH.  In 2016, almost every fifth person in the Asia-Pacific region was vegetarian, with India topping the bill according to Statista Germany in 2016. By contrast, only six percent and five percent…

Super-Stable Colours That Pass The Test

  Natural colours are the basic expectations by consumers now, but it is also critical that these maintain the expected visual appearances of products, regardless of application. Christiane Lippert, head of Marketing, Food, Lycored, discusses how they tested the stability of lycopene and betacarotene in beverages and what they found.

Flavours: A Vanilla Perspective

Lionel Flutto, president, flavour, Symrise Asia Pacific, and Romy Weytens, taste competence manager, spoke with APFI at length about the vanilla industry and what the company has been doing to help smallholder vanilla farmers in the past 10 years. A first of our two-part vanilla feature, they share their insight…
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