Digital Disruption For Smarter Food Manufacturing In Asia

Eric Lai, regional business director of industry at Grundfos Asia Pacific, posits that a new wave of heightened consumerism today has great implications for the food manufacturing industry—a paradigm shift is needed. Fast-growing economies, increasing spending power and greater awareness of health and nutrition are driving up domestic consumption. This…

How Digital Twins Can Drive Factories Of The Future

Digitising the factory and delivering an Industry 4.0 roadmap allows an operator to realise vast improvements, efficiencies and consistency, says Adrian Champion, director of Jakarta-based Adhinata Consulting, which provides IIoT technology and engineering software solutions within Indonesia, Singapore and South-East Asia. Let’s Go Digital In recent years, the buzz word…

Technological Innovation Bears Fruit for SunMoon Food

SunMoon’s use of NetSuite OneWorld for financials, inventory and order management as well as financial consolidation across subsidiaries in China, Indonesia, and the U.S., has helped it thrive after being on the brink of bankruptcy in 2007. 

Engaging Today’s Connected Consumers

  There is no denying that marketing products on social media platforms is necessary to engage millennials as they are spending more time on the web and their mobile devices.  By Farah Nazurah
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