Research Update On Paediatric Probiotics

Research shows BifidoB and LactoB provide clear infant health benefits, says Angela Rowan, category marketing manager, paediatrics, NZMP.     It’s well-known that setting infants up with a good immune system helps them through life. Breastfeeding to improve the immune system is best for the baby, but in cases where…

Let’s Talk About Bacteria In Infants And Children

Studies on probiotics indicate that they may actually reduce the need for antibiotics in the future, says Chr. Hansen.   Asia Pacific represents one of the biggest growth regions for vitamins and dietary supplements (VDS) according to a report by Euromonitor in 2017. The retail value of VDS stands at…

Probiotics For Senior Health Support

  The world’s populations are ageing day by day, and to sustain our seniors, probiotics might be the answer. By Dr Howard Cash, Senior R&D Scientist; Dr David Keller, VP of Scientific Operations; and April Ryzner, Senior Food Technologist, Ganeden Incorporated
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