DuPont: CHOOZIT SWIFT 600 & AMERI-FLEX Cheese Cultures

Thursday, May 24th, 2018 | 228 Views

From the DuPont Danisco range of ingredients, CHOOZIT SWIFT 600 and CHOOZIT AMERI-FLEX have been developed to boost production efficiency and quality of industrial-sized cheese makers. The CHOOZIT SWIFT 600 is the newest in the long-standing CHOOZIT product line of starter cultures.

With resistance to bacteriophage and deriving minimal impact from changes in milk and plant environments, it results in consistent, fast-making pizza cheese utilised in six rotations. Its iso-functional performance and consistent acidification improves shelf-life and functionality.

CHOOZIT AMERI-FLEX for American-style cheese is a one-bag direct to vat culture system, providing fast-acidifying mesophilic and thermophilic strain for reliability and phage robustness.