GEA: Meat Grinder

Friday, February 2nd, 2018 | 177 Views

The PowerGrind 200 and the larger 280 meat grinders from GEA are the latest additions to this range. The grinders cut up fresh and frozen meat, and feature a twin-screw design which forgoes the need to change the cutting set or screw, resulting in lesser dust and fines. This technique also generates very little heat, so quality is maintained with no squashing or smearing. The capacity for the 280 version is up to 30 tons per hour for fresh meat, and 11 tons per hour for frozen meat.

With a programmable logic controller, the machine can be integrated into an automated line, which provides standardised
continuous fat analysis, enabling fat percentages to be kept very close to agreed specifications. This prevents costly lean meat being given away and offers potential cost savings.