igus: Maintenance-Free iglidur E7 Polymer Lead Screw Nuts

Thursday, July 12th, 2018 | 149 Views

Providing safe, fast and quiet adjustment, igus features its new lead screw nut with the material iglidur E7, made for trapezoidal and high helix lead screws. The new product is characterised by its smooth and low-vibration operation with low loads and high speed, requiring small installation space.

Made of softer, high-performance polymer, it permanently incorporates solid lubricants; no external lubricant is needed with tested long-service life with higher wear resistance. Composing matching materials and geometries, an optimum linear drive is provided by the new lead screw nuts and patented igus dryspin high helix. Asn asembly of appropriate linear drive is facilitated by the online tool “Lead screw module expert”.


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